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“Photography is not for the satisfaction of others. Neither is it some kind of responsibility or mission. It is a mean to fill a personal void.”

Fabrizio is an Italian photographer based in London (UK).  

Fabrizio was born in Naples (Italy) in 1970. After graduating from Engineering university, he moved to the UK where he currently lives. Self-taught, but also greatly inspired by an uncle who was professional photographer, Fabrizio has always been passionate about visual arts and in the last eight years has completely devoted himself to photography.  

Fabrizio is a founding member of the Italian photography collective SPontanea.

Fabrizio is also available for weddings. Signed limited edition prints are available for sale as well. For more information please contact Fabrizio.


  • London (UK), Dec 2015 - Group show at the Artisan Art Cafe', Ealing, London. Installation with photos from the "erosion 1" project. 
  • FacePhotoNews Festival, Sassoferrato (Italy), May 2014 - SPontanea collective group show. Presenting the "Unfair Funfair" series, part of the collective project "City Limits".
  • Rosignano Photo Festival, Rosignano (Italy), April 2014 - SPontanea collective group show as part of the Rosignano Photo Festival 2014.
  • London (UK), October 2013 - Group show: 25th London Independent Photography (LIP) exhibition, The Strand Gallery (participating with photos from the ongoing project "I like frogs sometimes").  
  • London (UK), June 2013 - Group show: "Little Adventures" at the Pittshanger Manor Gallery, Ealing, London. Multimedia Installation with photos from the "160yen" project. 
  • Naples (Italy), Oct-Nov 2012 - Solo show: "Tokyo retrospective (2008-2012)" at the Keste' Diner, Pozzuoli, Napoli.     
  • London (UK), March-April 2012 - Solo show: "Shine on Japan" at the electric coffee Co Art Cafe', Ealing.   
  • London (UK), October 2011 - Group show: 23rd London Independent Photography (LIP) exhibition. The Strand Gallery (participating with photos from the project "Shine on Japan").       
  • London (UK), July 2011 - Group show: "Shine on Japan" - Matchbox Media launch event.   


Fanzines and books

Selected articles & tear sheets 

  • "I like frogs sometimes" selected as Editor pick on the prestigious Lens Culture photography portal - here (Nov 2014).
  • A chat about what photography means for me on the Art of Creative Photography blog - here (July 2014)
  • Some recent Tokyo Street photographs published on issue n.7 of the vieworld magazine (Jan 2014).
  • Photos from the ongoing documentary project "I like frogs sometimes" were featured on issue n.23 of the Camerapixo magazine (Sept 2012)     
  • Fabrizio's piece about the story behind the "160 yen" work has been published on the winter 2011 issue of the fLIP magazine[tear sheet]
  • A selection of Fabrizio's work was featured on issue n.15 of the Camerapixo magazine.
  • A photo essay about the 160yen project was featured on the prestigious IPA (Invisible Photographer Asia)  website.
  • The November 2011 issue of the Chinese Travel and Photography magazine featured a long interview with Fabrizio together with a selection of his photos. 
  • TRUTH magazine, Issue n.5 (January 2011) featured four 160yen photos. [tear sheet 1] [tear sheet 2] 
  • The 160yen project won the Black+White Photography magazine "Travel" competition and five photos have been featured on the May 2011 issue together with an interview. [tear sheet]       
  • In addition to the above, Fabrizio's photographs have been featured on numerous photography magazines in UK, Italy, Japan and China as well as on prestigious online blogs.